In the Age of the Customer, both internal and external, personalisation is key and the expectations on relevant & personalized search (results) have increased. Personalisation with regards to enterprise search obtains a profile of the user that expresses the interests of the user. The user’s interests may be expressed as terms, categories, or links, or any combination thereof.

The user profile information is derived from any of prior searches by the user, prior search results, user activities in interacting with prior search results, user demographic, geographic, or psychographic information, expressed topic or category preferences, and web-sites associated with the user.

The search engine executes the search query to obtain a set of relevant documents, and then uses the user profile to personalize the documents by re-ranking the documents in a manner that reflects their relevance to the user’s profile.

The personalized search results are then analyzed to further determine a search profile, such as key words or topics that are descriptive of the documents therein. 

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