Business case

Business case

Return on investment

A solid business case is the foundation of a project. It secures the resources by tackling the business impact and visualise the benefits. We definitely know ‘search’ and we know how findability can be projected as a return on the efforts.

Our experience from other projects, our practical in the field attitude and our clear vision on the richness that lies within data can be your key elements to empower your project and elevate your project.

We assist you or we’ve even taken the driver’s seat to build a well-founded business case. Our no-nonsense intent is very simple: uncover and enlighten the critical elements of search as a strategic technology.

360° approach

Our approach of the project has a wide angle to cover the aspects of content retrieval in the organization.  Search projects are no isolated IT projects, but inherently reach the way people and customers work with the organization.

Consolidating and mapping requirements (business, functional and technical) are key to visualize and scale the business values. Our analytical framework covers every angle.


A clear solution

Your suspected project doesn’t necessarily require huge and clumsy documents to prove the success criteria. A clear understanding of the added values, back-boned with a thorough analysis and strategic planning is how we present our customer-centric solution.


Does your organization already have a fine-tuned process in place: sure we can align with them.

Estimated time required: 5 days