Toyota Search on IDOL

TechDoc3 is the central online application to consult repair manuals, electronic schematics, service data and bulletins Toyota / Lexus models destined for the European market. The target group of TechDoc3 are all Toyota-authorized and non-authorized repairers based in Europe.

Each publication follows through a specific flow before it is visible to the end user. Most of these publications are digitally by Toyota Motor Corporation, the Japanese headquarters. Then they are standardized, revised and translated in 17 European languages ​​supported. The implementation of this process occurs in a number of technical areas that communicate with IBM FileNet P8.

Once the available data in FileNet Content Engine is available and ready for publication, the data from FileNet Content Engine is read and optimized by a customized connector for the search engine and indexed in Autonomy IDOL based on a customized connector reading. Autonomy IDOL is the central federated search index completely TechDoc3 application feeds.