Smoother & faster handling of subsidies for the Flemish Government

Massive amount of documents makes timely retrieval hard. 

The CJSM Department of the Flemish Government is responsible for policy preparations and the gratification of the subsidies in the domains of Culture, Sports, Youth and Media. CJSM copes with an extensive annual document growth because of ten thousands of applications for subsidies per year. They use Documentum as a central storage and management application for the administration, processing and (non-)gratification of these applications. Despite assigning metadata and end-user training about the existing search functionality in their document management system, they were not able to find the documents they were searching for or they had too much/non-relevant search results. Besides Documentum, their Intranet also acts as a central information platform where publications and important announcements and documents are published for consultation. The number of documents is increasing exponentially and employees were experiencing difficulties in finding the information they were searching for.

Document and information retrieval made easy.

One of the key objectives in their annual IT-plan of 2013 was "a Google-like search" functionality on top of Documentum & Intranet’. After thorough research and market analysis, CJSM decided that the Google Search Appliance was indeed the future-proof search solution that could meet their needs to counter their information overload and findability issues.

The goal of their strategic search project is to enable their employees to search faster and easier in their information systems through one consolidated entry point, and to provide more relevant and intelligent search results.

Questio to the rescue with a Google Search Appliance solution.

Questio, Enterprise Search competence center of the Cronos Group and Google’s Belgian Google Search for Work Partner, has successfully redeemed these objectives by implementing the Google Search Appliance on top of their Documentum and Intranet environment.

The Google Search Appliance (GSA) offers the performance, relevance, capabilities and ease of use of the well-known consumer Search, with Enterprise-ready features such as high-class security compatibility (Authorization and Authentication), Connectors for ECM systems, API’s, reporting and much, much more.

Together with CJSM, Questio covered all end-to-end activities, including the functional & technical analysis, configuration, support after go-live, training and documentation.

A happy GSA customer. 

We'd like to close this case story by referring to what the customer had to say about it. Let's hear what Gert Willems, ICT-coordinator at CJSM, summed up as the major advantages of deploying GSA: 

●      Ease of use and well-known

●      Performance

●      Search relevance and Filtering

●      Document-Preview, also on mobile devices

●      Auto-suggest of possible search queries

●      Real Enterprise Search, holistic view on information cross-datasource

●      ROI & TCO