Search boosts digital marketing & sales for BNP Paribas Fortis

Intelligent Enterprise Search

The aim of the web intelligence search is to improve the user experience of the internet platform by proposing products/services that might interest the user. This of course is linked to two key business objectives:

  • Attract and retain users on BNP Paribas websites;
  • Increase sales and cross selling thought the internet channel

Content Search

Content Search is a generic reusable module provided for organizational entities within the group to integrate a web based search solution.

The module interacts with IDOL in the back-end and WCM systems, which allow fulfilling the business requirements. The content indexed in IDOL consists of crawled web pages optimized with meta data and file indexation of DCR Files, generated by the WCM. Both data sources combined are served as search results for the end-user.

Branch Search

This modules provides the organizational entities within the group a branch/office-locator.

Automatic transaction categorization

BNP Paribas would like to automatically categorize users banking transactions in order to manage their budgets from within their online account.