Search & Analytics: a match made in heaven?

We often notice corporations who look at “search” and “analytics” as two separate things. That’s a shame. An all-encompassing view on search and analytics can show you which strategic road to take to get optimal results. Here’s why.
In-site search
In-site search is an important feature for a lot of visitors. It’s their manner to “Google” their way to the valuable content on your website. The importance of a powerful Google-a-like search experience on your corporate or brand website cannot be underestimated. It is exactly user experiences as flawless search that drive conversion.
On the other hand, tracking in-site search queries provides the organization powerful knowledge about what data is most valuable for website visitors. As a result, smart organizations can create, align and position their content based on this knowledge.
In-site search and Google Analytics
Search queries done by visitors on your website can be tracked and stored with the help of Google Analytics. Of course, one needs to configure both Google Analytics as well as the WCM that manages the website content.
In-site search with GSA & GSS
Google offers enterprises a great way to track & optimize in-site search. Organizations can deploy a cloud-based standard version of “Google Site Search” but are also able to go beyond with the aid of “Google Search Appliance”. With those tools in place, it’s perfectly possible to track every user, every click and every query down the lowest detail level. And these kind of details can be shown in your Google Analytics as well, if configured.
GSS is perfectly suited to optimize your customer’s experience through a Google-a-like in-site web search experience. GSA goes way beyond that, it’s not limited to the website content. It can contain content from any source.
Google Search Appliance
The Google Search Appliance is a combination of hardware and software. It allows to set up more complex search solutions. There are plenty of connectors available to link the GSA server to other legacy solutions. As a result GSA can be used perfectly to drive searches on Intranets, Extranets, websites, etc. 
Offer your customers, employees and other stakeholder a Google experience on their corporate systems.
The most powerful aspect of GSA is that it gives you the power the offer the flawless, powerful Google Search experience on your systems. The below image shows what kind of searches are possible. How would your customers and employees feel about that?